Coaching and Classes

The Better Bouldering Tag Classes are designed to help you develop strength, technique, and the proper training regiment to further your climbing abilities. The curriculum was written by NOBL head routesetter and youth team coach, Garret Mortensen.

The format is a combination of work on the wall and conditioning in the training room.

Classes are $10 for a drop-in or 5 for $40 with a Punch Pass. Class size is limited to 8 participants and early sign-ups are encouraged. You can register on our website at the gym of your choosing.

In the class, you can expect to:

  • – learn proper warm up and injury prevention practices
  • – acquire workout and training regiments for climbing fitness
  • – receive one-on-one feedback for your climbing style
  • – work on individual goals, development, and projects
  • – develop the skills needed to break through their limits*
  • ***Climbers should attend the class one grade above their proficiency, i.e. if you can climb all the blues and want to develop the ability to climb all yellows, take the yellow tag class