Community Events

In our efforts to make NOBL a safe and inclusive place for all to climb, we are proud to offer monthly events with FREE ACCESS and intentional spaces for various groups within our community.

FREE Fridays!
The first Friday of every month is 100% FREE at NOBL. Free Fridays are a great way to try out rock climbing with no cost. Day pass and shoe rental included!

Ladies Nights, presented by the Ladies Climbing Coalition
This event is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and/or feels more comfortable climbing in an intentional femme-centric space.

Run by women, the Ladies Climbing Coalition is dedicated to strengthening and promoting the presence of women in the sport of climbing, though connections and empowerment. Inspiration and motivation are direct effects of engaging with other women in our sport. The LCC is dedicated to provided opportunities for women to climb together, and connect on various levels. We promote climbers of all levels and in all types of climbing.

Queer & Trans Night
 NOBL is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for the New Orleans LGBTQ community to come together, climb, socialize, and play. LGBTQ Night offers a dedicated space for the LGBTQ community to climb and exercise in what is often a cis-centric, hetero-dominated environment. As always, this event is open and available to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ or feels more comfortable in a dedicated queer and trans-friendly space.