Our Story


Climbing requires focus, patience, and dedication. The lessons we learn while climbing can teach us a great deal about ourselves and the challenges we face on the wall help us develop important life skills. Through climbing, we hope to facilitate positive change in ourselves, our community, and our world.

While our local landscape directly contrasts typical climbing terrain, the cultural similarities between New Orleans and climbing make for an oddly beautiful pair. The tight knit community, unique and oft-misunderstood culture, and laid back vibe are identifying themes for both. Climbing brings focus to personal and environmental health, two topics receiving heightened awareness in New Orleans.

New Orleans Boulder Lounge opened in August 2015 and is the first and only climbing gym in the city in over 10 years. NOBL was designed to provide a climbing destination in New Orleans and a home for the local climbing community. We decided to do an all bouldering gym in order to make climbing more accessible and more social as we reintroduced the sport to New Orleans.  NOBL was built for its members and guests, and we hope you enjoy this space as much as we do!

– The New Orleans Boulder Lounge Team